Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Wounded

Struggling Back From War's Once-Deadly Wounds, New York Times
"It has taken hundreds of hours of therapy, but Jason Poole, a 23-year old Marine corporal, has learned all over again to speak and to walk. At times, though, words still elude him. He can read barely 16 words a minute. His memory can be fickle, his thinking delayed. Injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, he is blind in his left eye, deaf in his left ear, weak on his right side and still getting used to his new face, which was rebuilt with skin and bone grafts and 75 to 100 titanium screws and plates...
Survivors are coming home with grave injuries, often from roadside bombs, that will transform their lives: combinations of damaged brains and spinal cords, vision and hearing loss, disfigured faces, burns, amputations, mangled limbs, and psychological ills like depression and post-traumatic stress."


At May 20, 2006 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another 23 year old, in bits and pieces for life, now. How offended must His God be by his mutilations, by all mutilations all over the world.

What is this for? What if it's not for that fuzzy term "freedom" or the ever-useful "democracy", folks? What if it's not truly been about fighting "terrorism" (a word we coined.. as if we haven't treated people worse than we treat abattoir-destined meals-to-be).

What is it for, Jason? And who is the "enemy"?


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