Friday, February 24, 2006

March for Peace: Tiajuana to San Francisco

On March 12, the seventy-sixth anniversary of "The Salt March," Fernando Suarez Del Solar will begin a 241 + mile walk from Tiajuana to Camp Pendleton to San Francisco. Fernando will walk for the memory of his son, Jesus, a Marine who was killed in Iraq in March 2003 by stepping on an illegal U.S. landmine.

Many others have already pledged to support Fernando. Conscientious Objectors Pablo Paredes, Camilo Mejia, and Aidan Delgado have already said that they will not allow the 50-year-old man to walk alone. They will join him on his march to end the war, which will end on the anniversary of the death of Jesus, March 27th, in San Francisco. The marchers will lead a large scale blood drive for those in need in Iraq - both civilians and soldiers.

Read more about the march in an article written by Pablo Paredes, conscientious objector during the Iraq war.

Details on the March


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