Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MU Alum Criticizes Graf

from Marquette Trib 2/7/06
By Ryan McCullough
Alumnus, Business Administration

I find it ironic that in Robert Graf's Jan. 26 Viewpoint he has decided to protest an institution he knows nothing about. His logic and reasoning proves that he has not done his homework in researching the role or the mission of our ROTC programs. I wonder if Graf knows what ROTC stands for. It's the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

By his logic, any institution that does not exhibit Catholic, Jesuit values should be removed from campus. Goodbye Gay/Straight Alliance. So long Muslim Students Association. It was great having you all of you Pro-Choice students, but you've got to go. Kind of ridiculous isn't it?

Facts, Graf — we need facts. Please don't try to sway readers with statements from the Catholic Church without reference. Your mention of an "immoral, unjust and illegal" war waxes of liberal rhetoric which has been floating around this controversial issue for months and means nothing anymore. Please provide some proof that the Catholic Church has made these remarks.

In addition, I think we all deserve to hear how the "brave young man" from Loyola University made his points. What makes him so brave? Standing up and voicing his opinion? That is not bravery, Graf. That is his right as an AMERICAN! Hundreds of thousands of Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen have died so that this young man could do this without being hunted down and executed. If we were in North Korea, he would be brave.

As a Marquette alumnus, I believe that Marquette attracts some of the best people in this great country to its halls. I further believe that those in ROTC are no exception. The students in ROTC are just that, students. In addition to pursuing their degrees in their chosen field, they are going through a rigorous and demanding curriculum and doctrinarian program that is preparing them to lead the men and women of our military. A military that just so happens to protect the right to offer opinions, no matter how ill informed. I know it may be hard to believe for Graf and his friends, but ROTC students are not learning to become mindless and numb killing machines. They are learning to be compassionate, intelligent and responsible leaders. That sounds an awful lot like what Marquette is trying to do for the rest of us, doesn't it?

They are not the rogue marauders that Graf makes them out to be. ROTC programs may not be directly accountable to the university, but the students are. The Reserve Officer Training Corps programs belong to the College of Arts and Sciences, just like Graf. Have you ever witnessed an ROTC cadet or midshipman stand up in class and declare that they are independent of the university and could act with impunity? Probably not. Let's not worry about whether or not ROTC has a place on Marquette's campus. Let's just be thankful that Marquette and the ROTC programs are producing outstanding leaders to whom we should all look up to.


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