Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Updates from Lebanon

The following is an excerpt from Kathy Kelly's "Massacre at Qana," which she posted while in Southern Lebanon.

"Cana. New Testament scriptures say that Jesus spent time here. A story tells of Jesus’ mother, Mary, entreating the beloved son to show concern for newly arrived wedding guests. Who would listen to a widow’s concern? The tradition tells of a miracle, of water turned to wine.

"Qana. Who will listen to bereaved mothers entreating the heavens for an end to the hellish, fiery explosions that slaughter their children. The facts tell of a massacre, the astonishing technological capacity to identify and then to exclude the children from life itself."

Kathy Kelly, currently in Beruit with Farah Moktareizadeh, has posted further updates and pictures of their experience in this devastated area on the "Voices of Creative Nonviolence" website,


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