Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Catholic Peace Fellowship featured on the BBC

The BBC interviewed me a while back and used the interview in the August 24th edition of their program, Crossing Continents.

It's an intriguing episode focusing on military recruitment, a subject which is also, coincidentally, the focus of our forthcoming issue of the Sign of Peace. Especially interesting in my opinion is the time the news team spends with an Army recruiter while he's on the job. He recruits in Kokomo, Indiana, a town with an unusually high number of casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

You can listen to the story, "Recruiting for the US Military," at the Crossing Continents website (note there's about 90 seconds of news before the episode on recruitment begins).

(Also note that we're actually in the old St. Stephen's rectory, not the old St. Vincent's rectory.)


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